Acting on behalf of an employer: Help with re-declaration

Re-enrolment occurs every three years. An employer must ensure that certain staff who have left their pension scheme are put back into it. Find out more about re-enrolment.

A re-declaration of compliance must then be completed, within five calendar months of the third anniversary of the employer’s staging date, to tell the Pensions Regulator how the re-enrolment duties have been met.

If you are completing a re-declaration for more than one employer select 'Acting on behalf of an employer'. Using this option is the easiest way to complete multiple re-declarations using one login.

The information you submit will form an official record of the employer's compliance, so you must make sure it is correct.

How to login

If you have not used this service before, you will need to:

Completing a re-declaration of compliance

The information given in the employer’s previous declaration is already included. If any of these details have changed, please update them.

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